The R.M.S club

The "Rétro Motocyclettes Sarthoises", was fonded on february 1990 and is located in Changé next to Le Mans France.
The RMS has been create to promote and preserve the old local motorcycle patrimony.
The RMS motorcyles are rather " pre 1965" and especially models pre- war.
The RMS team has about 60 members in 2019. The RMS meeting is every last friday of the month.
The RMS organise many events every year such as :
 - A
automn rally in September

 - 2 liters of Le Mans : a slowness race in the city with 2 liters gazoline only

 - Many local exhibitions

See you soon... 

If you have any question about RMS ?
Please contact :
Gilles  44 rue de la Cointise 72560 CHANGE - Phone + 33 2 43 86 24 59


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